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CD will Have 'em Howlin for More

CD will Have 'em Howlin for More

Who: The Midnight Howlers
What: Howlin
Author: Anthony Scully

IT'S been a long time in the works but HOWLIN', by Newcastle blues band THE MIDNIGHT HOWLERS, has finally arrived, and like a fine wine has been worth the wait.

Recorded live at Overhead Studios by MARK TINSON, with the bed tracks laid at TERRY LATHAM'S studios in Mayfield, Howlin' captures a rich live sound with plenty of depth.

Not even released yet, it looks certain to pick up international distribution through FULL MOON RECORDS (KEVIN BORICH, MAL EASTICK and THE BONDI CIGARS). Listening to this CD is like sitting front row centre at a Midnight Howlers gig, with a bourbon or a beer in front of you, your eyes closed, with a smile on your face and the sun on your skin.

The 10-track disc features seven original tunes by guitarist JOHN BAILLIE and some standards including HOOCHIE COOCHIE MAN, HAND JIVE and MUSTANG SALLY. Baillie's rhythm guitar playing is flawless, warm, rich and vibrant. His lead guitar playing is lyrical, reaching out for the melody in every break.

His vocals are impeccable, dripping with emotion, arriving in short rasping bursts which range from a mid-range vibrato to a heady falsetto.

When it is called for John Baillie, drummer ROBERT COXON and bass player ROBERT BAILLIE are capable of honky-tonk (HOME GROWN), high-rolling r&b (SINCE I AIN'T GOT YOU), down and bleeding blues (BLUES RIVER RISING), a finger-poppin strut (BOTTOM DOLLAR) and a shuffling swing (SETTLE UP). It's a panoramic rock 'n' blues trip.

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