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Something Borrowed, and New

Something Borrowed, and New

What: Supersonic CD Review
Author: Anthony Scully

THIS four-track CD shows Supersonic borrowing from the greats to produce original tunes that are heavily influenced, but nevertheless enjoyable anthems of teen frustration and unrequited love.

The opener, GREY SKIES END, is a rockabilly-flavoured tune that fans of THE LIVING END, or even THE STRAY CATS, will find themselves quite comfortably moshing about to.

The verse-bridge-chorus structure of IN YOUR ROOM is textbook pop and is the most likely candidate for air play. It may run a little too long for radio at 4.43 minutes, but the song has a killer chorus and a compelling live rock feel.

In Your Room has a distinctly Australian pop feel too, thanks to the vocals of MARK WELLS whose diction and phrasing throughout the CD is spot-on.

Supersonic should do well with its debut release. TE

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