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Tailor-made for Discerning Groovers

Tailor-made for Discerning Groovers

Who: Jacuzzi Suit
Where: Grand Hotel
When: Friday November 26, 1999

FROM SAM & DAVE to THE ROLLING STONES, THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES to CHEF, lead singer of JACUZZI SUIT and purveyor of dreadlocks SHANE BUCHANAN is not your usual suit.

The group he fronts is Jacuzzi Suit, which can be found this Friday night at the Grand Hotel and Saturday night at the Clubhouse Hotel, delivering funk'n'groove with a 1990s twist.

ADAM FERRIER on percussion and trumpet and LEIGH SHERRINGHAM on trombone comprise the 'double-breasted brass section'.

LEIF TISDELL on bass and PAUL 'BIG' SCHOTT on drums take care of the double stitched, extra-heavy wearing rhythm section, with guitarist DAN 'THE MAN' HOOPER weaving a finely embroidered guitar thread throughout. Try it on. TE

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