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Bodyjar Compilation New Start

Bodyjar Compilation New Start

Who: Bodyjar, 28 Days, Chin Chen
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
When: Wednesday November 24, 1999

SHAGPILE RECORDS through SHOCK has released a compilation of tracks from the past three BODYJAR CDs to mark the end of the group's association with Shock during most of the 1990s.

Playing at SJ's Hotel next Wednesday, November 24, with 28 DAYS and CHIN CHEN, the band has called the CD SINGLES AND STUFF a 'bookmark in the ongoing story of this band'.

The CD also marks the departure from the melodic punk rock band of BEN PETTERSEN and the arrival of a new member TOM READ. As well as singles from TAKE A LOOK INSIDE, RIMSHOT and NO TOUCH RED, the CD contains the covers HAZY SHADE OF WINTER and a live track YOUR RACIST FRIEND. 'There will be new music from Bodyjar, and there will always be live shows,' the band said.

'The band will continue to write, play, record and release new material.

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