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Energetic on Stage

Energetic on Stage

Who: Heddy's Revenge, Strength to Strength
Where: Hunter on Hunter
When: Thursday November 18, 1999

HEDDY'S REVENGE is a band with a firm belief in where it's going and how to get there.

According to NADIA LEWIS, the group's lead singer, the front row at the all-ages, wildly successful SOBRIETY II concert, held recently at St Joseph's Hall, The Junction, was 'really into it'.

And that wasn't just because security had begun to deter punters from going outside during the band's set.

If you've ever seen Heddy's Revenge you'll know the band puts plenty of effort into its shows, including some pretty costuming.

'If you don't put effort into the show it all starts to look the same,' Nadia explained.

'If bands don't do that, they just get washed away. They don't get remembered.'

Drummer LIB JONES, guitarist STEVE BEAUTEMONT, bass player ROB ZLOCINSKI and guitarist ANDREW CARTY first came together to play at the Expozay band competition.

What began as former members of HEAD SHOP and TWIN PSYCHE ended up being a glorious union which saw the band get a song (CONSTANT) onto the soon-to-be-released EXPOZAY II compilation.

The next step will be an extended play single, according to Lewis.

In the meantime, catch the band supporting the fabulous STRENGTH TO STRENGTH on Thursday, November 18, at the Hunter On Hunter Hotel.

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