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Metal Double act Crawls Onto Scene

Metal Double act Crawls Onto Scene

Who: Viagra Falls, Dutch Oven
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
When: Thursday November 11, 1999

THEY proclaim themselves as 'Pelican's masters of metal and mayhem' and another thing's for sure, VIRUS CRAWL is certainly one of the city's most enterprising talents.

Playing tomorrow night with DUTCH OVEN at SJ's Hotel, Virus Crawl has in the past gained petrol money for the fuel tank by touring its COME AS YOU ARE NIRVANA tribute show, and exposing audiences to its original material by acting as the support band.

It's a ploy they used previously when as RAGMONSTER the band financed an original CD by touring a METALLICA concept show, again doing its own original support slot.

It's good to see them back again, last month at the Catho Pub, the Wickham Park Hotel and at the Great Aussie Barbie at Speers Point Park hosted by Republic-friendly Labor member JILL HALL. Dutch Oven meanwhile is turning heads with its own gimmick, playing an original heavy funk rock style with didgeridoo, but not just any old didge.

This band has invented its own instrument, the RHYTHMBONE, which it describes as 'a brass sliding didgeridoo' that is 'note adjustable' and 'amplified'.

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