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Cowboys' Killer-Diller Brand

Cowboys' Killer-Diller Brand

Who: Johnny Green's Blues Cowboys
Where: Warners Bay Bowling Club
When: Sunday November 14, 1999

IF you want to hear inoffensive music from the 1950s like CHUBBY CHECKER or PAT BOONE you won't find it here.

JOHNNY GREEN'S BLUES COWBOYS, who play this Sunday afternoon at Warners Bay Bowling Club, specialise in 1950s killer-dillers.

For instance, the band covers one tune called MURDER MY BABY, by guitar great PAT HARE, who Green says actually served time for killing his wife.

A Blues Cowboys gig is the best place to receive a lesson in early rock'n'roll's many incarnations, including rockabilly and country blues and swing.

Green plays a 1950s Maton and a 1950s Pacific guitar.

Guitarist GRUNTER SEGGAR plays a 1962 Gretsch.

Bass player ED MATZENIK used to play in 1960s surf group THE ATLANTICS and drummer DEMO DEMPSEY belts up a storm on a minimal kit of snare, bass drum and tom drum.

FLASH SHEEDY plays lap steel and another guitar he built himself.

This year the band released its debut CD AT LAST And so say all discerning cats.

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