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School Buds in Band Comp

School Buds in Band Comp

Who: Heddy's Revenge, Villian, Limen 10
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
When: Thursday May 20, 1999

MEMBERS of HEDDY'S REVENGE, playing at the EXPOZAY band competition tomorrow night at SJ's Hotel, all met at St Francis Xavier's High School.

Drummer LIBBY JONES, vocalist NADIA LEWIS, bass player ROB ZLOCINSKI, guitarist MICHAEL DOYLE and guitarist STEVE BEAUTMONT perform original music that draws influences from funk, rock, pop and punk.

The group played its first gig recently at the Hunter On Hunter.

The Expozay band competition continues to draw strong crowds each week. The quality of entries has been consistently high.

Tomorrow night Heddy's Revenge will compete against VILLAIN and LIMEN 10.

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