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In Arm's Reach

In Arm's Reach

Who: Arm's Reach, Conation, Half Mongrel
Where: Hunter on Hunter
When: Saturday May 22, 1999

NEWCASTLE hardcore band ARM'S REACH will play at the Hunter On Hunter this Saturday night with Newcastle rising stars CONATION and Canberra's HALF MONGREL. (For trivia buffs the lead singer of the chaotic Conation used to play bass in Arm's Reach.)

ARM'S REACH lead singer LUKE DOLAN is pictured here trying to pop a blood vessel in his head at DOGBITE 99, captured by TE photographer SIMONE DE PEAK at that event.

Guitarist KRISTY TATE reports that the band enjoyed Dogbite 99, and has since seen a few new listeners from the festival at subsequent gigs.

Arm's Reach will perform again next week, on Friday, May 28, for an all-ages gig at the BLACK BOX, Parry St, Newcastle West.

Also on the bill will be VOICE OF DISSENT (Geelong), ONE STEP AHEAD (Sydney), THE PACT (Wollongong) and another young Newy band BARE KNUCKLE FIGHT.

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