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Count on Lots of Laughter

Count on Lots of Laughter

Who: Jason Starret
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
When: Tuesday June 8, 1999

AN accountant who tells jokes - some might say that's an oxymoron. Newcastle comedian JASON STARRETT, performing on Tuesday for THE COMEDY ROOM at SJ's Hotel, laughs about the fiscal realities he has faced since he put accountancy aside to set his sights on a laughable income in comedy. 'No, it doesn't pay,' the 25-year-old told THE NEWCASTLE HERALD last year, moments before hurling himself 'suit and all' into the icy waters of Merewether's ocean baths. This week Starrett will join Melbourne comic COLIN COLE and MC DAVE CALLAN on stage at SJ's where Starrett was the first MC to perform when the venue first ran comedy about 18 months ago. Starrett, who still works as an accountant to pay the bills, is making his comedic mark with his mix of rather unclean jocularity and bawdy song parodies. 'Everyone told me I should go on Red Faces but I couldn't write anything that was clean enough to go on television,' he said. Starrett started out in comedy with his brother and a mate, performing at football 'untalent' nights, 'mainly singing songs and taking the piss out of the senior players and coaching staff'. Two years ago he entered the TRIPLE J RAW COMEDY AWARDS in Sydney. 'I didn't get booed off the stage,' he said.

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