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Young Music Guns

Young Music Guns

Who: The Good
Where: Royal Inn Waratah
When: Friday June 25, 1999

WITH a handful of original songs up their sleeve and a big BEATLES influence THE GOOD is one of the newest bands on the Newcastle live music scene.

Together for just four months THE GOOD is already securing a local following and is keen to sign with a local agent.

'We really want to get ourselves known in Newcastle,' drummer DEAN GEARING said.

'Kinda like LITTLE HORNET has. The bottom line is that we just want to get famous.'

The band is formed from GEARING and lead vocalist GARATH HUDSON who last year both finished the HSC.

They have both played in local bands for about five years including THE HEARTFELT RODNEYS and THE YOUNG GUNS, but wanted their own gig.

The guys met up with bass player CAMERON CHARTERS and lead guitarist REUBEN ANDREW and it 'all just came together'.

While the band has about 20 original songs it plays a variety of covers including music from CROWDED HOUSE, U2, AEROSMITH and LIVING END. It also does a lot of BEATLES. 'We are huge BEATLES fans,' GEARING said.

'They are great and would have to be our idols. But our music appeals to young and old; we play old songs but throw in a 90s influence.'

Catch THE GOOD at the Royal Inn Hotel, Waratah, on June 25.

'We live up to our name,' Gearing added.

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