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The Big Screen for Tonchi

The Big Screen for Tonchi

Who: Tonchi

NEWCASTLE singer/songwriter TONCHI MCINTOSH will soon see his name on the big screen.

The 29-year-old has been asked to write the musical score for a full-length Australian feature film titled MISS BLACK AUSTRALIA. Written and produced by SBS producer SALLY RILEY the movie is about the 1980s shearer strikes. Having witnessed the strikes as a teenager while growing up on a farm in Burke, Tonchi says writing the music came naturally.

'Trying to write about something you don't know about can be challenging but when you've been there and felt the fear you have some kind of soul come into it,' he said.

Tonchi has already written two songs for the movie, one of them titled NOT IN SEASON was written before he was asked to do the musical score.

'I'd written NOT IN SEASON and that's the one Sally heard and she really liked it,' he said.

'She sent me the script, I read through and got some ideas.'

He then wrote POHUTAKAWA, (meaning a New Zealand Christmas tree), a song about a New Zealand shearer in Australia.

He has also written several instrumental pieces.

'I'm quite wrapped about it,' TONCHI, said of the opportunity to write the musical score.

'It's taken a while, like I've been working on it for about six months now.'

Filming on the movie is expected to begin in October.TE

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