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Sound of DV8 on Way Back

Sound of DV8 on Way Back

Who: DV8
Where: Newcastle Panthers
When: Friday July 30, 1999

IF there was one defining moment that shaped today's Newcastle music sound, that point was DV8. In a town where if you didn't play covers, you didn't get a gig DV8's GREG BRYCE went against the grain and he and the band carved an 'enormous' following for his original Newcastle brand of music.

Defining the 'Newcastle sound' and pioneering the way, BRYCE wrote songs about life, self-doubt, love and surfing.

When success on a national level looked imminent, BRYCE went on an eight-year sabbatical, leaving behind the 'Newcastle sound'.

BRYCE has come full-circle and is expressing himself again through DV8. A new DV8 album BIG GREEN MONSTERS features several SCREAMING JETS players.

DV8 will perform at the Newcastle Workers Club on July 30 with special guests THE PORKERS and LITTLE HORNET.

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