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Country Girl at Heart

Country Girl at Heart

Who: Tania Kernaghan
Where: Mayfield Ex Services Club
When: Saturday June 19, 1999

KERNAGHAN will perform at Mayfield Ex-Services Club tomorrow night and at Hexham Bowling Club on Saturday night.

Her tour follows the award-winning performer's second album DANCING ON WATER. KERNAGHAN draws inspiration for songs mainly from life experiences and enjoys a good songwriting partnership with her sister FIONA KERNAGHAN. 'We walk together nearly every day when Fiona's in the country (Fiona is based in New York) and I'm around working on material for a new album,' she said.

'When we're writing we spend hours walking, talking, getting the ideas down and making them better before we put them to the music,' she said.

Voted Female Vocalist at the CMAA Country Music Awards in 1997 and 1998, Kernaghan was looking forward to her latest tour, saying she has a 'genuine affection for the people and places of this country.

'When you travel to little country towns in the outback, the people are unique,' she said.

'There are no false airs and graces, they're true to themselves and I love that about people.

'It is sad to see small towns closing down - I've gone through ghost towns that I can remember once playing at when they were small towns.

'That's why it's important to go out there to places that otherwise may feel neglected.'


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