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CD Launched With Spewbucket

CD Launched With Spewbucket

Who: Davola, Mischling, Crawl
What: Mischling, Crawl, Davola Triple CD Launch
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
When: Wednesday July 14, 1999

A SPEWBUCKET, a FALLEN CRAWL and a CRAZY JOE are three of the specially named cocktails that will be available at next Wednesday's triple CD launch at SJ's Hotel for MISCHLING, CRAWL and DAVOLA. All three bands have had CDs out for a couple of months but THE HOTHOUSE at SJ's is celebrating the fact on Wednesday, July 14, with a shindig. Crawl and Davola are semi-finalists in this year's XPOZAY BAND COMPETITION, and so were Mischling at last year's Xpozay.

Davola's consists of SCOTT KELLETT on vocals and bass, his brother LLOYD KELLETT on drums and vocals and guitarist vocalist WADE BAILEY. The band's CD FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY gives a good indication of what to expect of the band live, and is available at gigs.

The band live has been likened to a cross between PRIMUS and DEVO, for its inventive composition and manic vocals.

The stage show is energetic and entertaining, with the band displaying its sense of humour through bizarre costumes and choreography.

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