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Pack Mentality

Pack Mentality

What: Dob! Dob! Dob!
Where: Young Peoples Theatre
When: Thursday July 22, 1999

SENIOR YOUNG PEOPLES THEATRE students JOSEPH CRICHTON and REBECCA SHELDON star as a cubmaster and a cubmistress in the new ROD ANSELL comedy DOB! DOB! DOB! A love unfolds over several months when a pair, battling bureaucracy, attempt to stage a show featuring their young charges. At Young People's Theatre, Hamilton, July 22-31, with the world premiere of the ALEX BUZO comedy NORMIE & TUAN, Thursdays to Saturdays at 8pm (except July 24, playing at 9pm). FLYING TEAPOT on 4962-3983. TE

MOMENT OF FAME: THE film, novel and long-running television series about a class from one of New York's performing arts schools is now on stage. Fame - The Musical opens on Thursday, July 29, at The Showroom, Star City. Tickets are available from the TICKETEK FAME HOTLINE on (02) 9266 4888 or (02) 9266 4831 for group bookings. TE

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