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Intense Experience

Intense Experience

Who: Something For Kate, Powderfinger
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Thursday July 22, 1999

IN the two years since Melbourne's SOMETHING FOR KATE released its debut CD ELSEWHERE FOR EIGHT MINUTES the band has developed a reputation for intense live performances, memorable lyrics and inventive arrangements.

On the latest album BEAUTIFUL SHARKS bass player STEPHANIE ASHWORTH describes the band's latest evolution as 'at once enchanting and threatening'.

'There's a lot on Beautiful Sharks about the tension between science and nature'.

Performing at the University of Newcastle with POWDERFINGER, on Thursday, July 22, Something For Kate will perform songs that possess a new-found sense of space.

'In the past two years we definitely haven't been listening to much standard kind of rock music,' Ashworth says. 'Bands like RADIOHEAD, TORTOISE, MASSIVE ATTACK - anyone really with that kind of ambient, atmospheric production. We're a guitar-based band - the idea is to have interesting ways of using them.'

For Ashworth, who joined guitarist PAUL DEMPSEY and drummer CLINT HYNDMAN in March last year, it will be her first recording with the group. Dempsey, who formed the band five years ago with Hyndman, says Ashworth's arrival signalled a more relaxed approach to the way the songs were played

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