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Best of Irish at Belmont

Best of Irish at Belmont

Who: Ceol Chiarrai
Where: Belmont 16ft Sailing Club
When: Saturday July 17, 1999

IRELAND'S premiere song, dance and music school for the gifted, CEOL CHIARRAI, will perform at the Belmont 16 Footers this Saturday, July 17.

Featuring 14 performers, six world champions, seven of Ireland's finest young musicians, including a vocalist and harpist, CEOL CHIARRAI (pronounced key-ole key-air-y) translates to 'music of the kingdom'.

Artistic director MICHAEL CARR, who founded the school in 1985, says the school has become a training ground for Ireland's best dancers.

'Going back to 1993, before RIVERDANCE was ever heard of, we were the first people the producers came to,' he said.

'Four of our dancers then went into Riverdance and they're still with the production now.

'The following year BERNADETTE FLYNN was with us. She was only 16 years old at the time and had already won seven world titles. We were in Chicago and MICHAEL FLATLEY saw her dance.

'When we came home Michael approached her and she is now the lead female in LORD OF THE DANCE and these days commands a six-figure salary.' TE

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