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Dream Goes On

Dream Goes On

Who: The Dreamcatchers
Where: Delany Hotel
When: Wednesday February 3, 1999

THROUGHOUT the first part of 1999 THE DREAMCATCHERSare planning to concentrate on their resident gigs and have heaps of fun while building a following.

A well-earned break is planned for mid-year because THE DREAMCATCHERS have been gigging constantly for the past two years.

But BRENDAN and MEAGHAN, being the creative artists they are, have other projects on the boil.

BRENDAN is beginning to do more solo performances and MEAGHAN is feverishly rehearsing with her new band, which is being kept under wraps.

After a live recording last year and some funky new songs, the duo are under pressure to release an album this year.

Be it a live acoustic debut or something entirely different, THE DREAMCATCHERS are determined to keep their fans guessing.

THE DREAMCATCHERS play at the Hotel Delany tonight, Muree Golf Club on Friday night and Newcastle Workers Club on Saturday night.

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