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Smudged Purplene

Smudged Purplene

Who: Purplene
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Friday March 5, 1999

NEWCASTLE has former Novocastrians PURPLENE to thank for next week's SMUDGE gig at the Northern Star.

SMUDGE jumped at the opportunity to headline the gig with PURPLENE, on Friday, March 5, to promote SMUDGE'S latest CD REAL MCOY WRONG SINATRA on the HALF A COW label.

The video for the song HOT POTATO, set at Parramatta speedway, features SMUDGE drummer ALISON GALLOWAY as a fish and chip shop employee and PURPLENE guitarist MATT BLACKMAN in a cameo shot near the end.

Another SMUDGE member, songwriter TOM MORGAN, wrote most of the material for US band THE LEMONHEADS. Purplene, which has moved to Sydney to pursue gigs and to have its finger closer to the pulse of its national distributor MGM/PHANTOM, is enjoying good reviews in street press DRUM and REVOLVER. Blackman recently formed a film production company SPIRIT LEVEL FILMS with his brother JON BLACKMAN and former Muswellbrook lad-turned-MTV producer, JOEL NOBLE. TE

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