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Laid-Back Arvidson

Laid-Back Arvidson

Who: Daniel Arvidson
Where: Swansea Bowling Club
When: Friday February 26, 1999

AFTER more than seven years as a solo artist DANIEL ARVIDSON has the experience and talent to cater to audiences of all ages and tastes.

ARVIDSON, who performs at the Swansea Bowling Club this Friday night, believes he can be more interactive and spontaneous with the audience by just using the raw sound of his acoustic guitar as his musical partner.

The material he performs is easy listening, 'camp fire songs' as he has termed them, because the crowd can sing along.

Arvidson, a crooner from way back, seems to have the uncanny knack of relaxing and involving the audience, perhaps because of his personality and lack of pretension, making his shows all the more accessible. TE

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