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Web of Sounds

Who: Spiderbait, Beastie Boys
Where: Newcastle Entertainment Centre
When: Saturday February 20, 1999

THEY'RE heavy, they're grooving, they're rock, they're techno, they're pop - and they're back in Newcastle this Saturday night.

SPIDERBAIT, fresh from recording their new and as-yet-untitled CD, and from stints in side bands HAPPYLAND and HOT ROLLERS, has a new single SHAZAM! to promote.

The group's support slot for the BEASTIE BOYS on Saturday night at the Newcastle Ent Cent will ensure a fully tweaked audience by the time the main act hits the stage.

From Finley Lake, in rural NSW, Spiderbait's third CD IVY & THE BIG APPLES was named after an item in their local newspaper (about a woman named Ivy who grew the largest apples in the district).

But while their hometown might sound twee, their music does not. Songs like WHEN FUSION RULED THE EARTH comprise six minutes of slowly building guitar and fuzzed-up bass and drums.

Then there's the techno instrumental HORSHACK'S ARMY which uses drum loops and synths or the trance-like JOYCE'S HUT. The group also excels at guitar-heavy, buzz pop such as BUY ME A PONY (a TRIPLE J HOTTEST 100 favourite) and CALYPSO.

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