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A Win for Strength

A Win for Strength

Who: Strength To Strength, Heddy's Revenge, Necromance, Supersonic
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
When: Wednesday August 11, 1999

XPOZAY band comp winners STRENGTH TO STRENGTH almost failed to perform at their grand final a fortnight ago when the train carrying guitarist AARON MAHORIC from Sydney was delayed for 20 minutes at Awaba near Fassifern.

The student of the Sydney INSTITUTE OF MUSIC, studying jazz guitar, Mahoric was finally met at the platform of Hamilton station by a relieved and cheering horde of followers.

He was promptly whisked over the road to SJ's Hotel where his band mates, bass player SHAUN MCGINTY and drummer ADAM WAUGH, had waited biting their nails to the quick.

Strength to Strength went on to power through a 20-minute set that convinced a majority of judges to score the group above pop rockers SUPERSONIC, sultry groove rockers HEDDY'S REVENGE and powerful metal band NECROMANCY, in a tightly fought battle for $10,000 worth of cash and prizes.

The funk'n'jazz trio Strength To Strength, a highlight of the recent SILVERCHAIR supports at the Entertainment Centre, was watched by a capacity audience, which included members of ARMY OF PRAWNS and a dedicated group of fans who wore handmade T-shirts with the band's name emblazoned across the front.

'They come to all our gigs those same people,' Mahoric laughed after the gig.

'Some of them just make ones written in Texta across the front.'

It seems the band's sense of humour is infectious too. Some of the more fanatical followers have taken to scrawling the band's lyrics across the front of their T-shirts.

'They're (the lyrics) pretty nonsensical, most of them are whatever rhymes and sounds funny,' McGinty says.

Often compared to American funk rock band PRIMUS, because of the its lyrics, funky bass and Mahoric's jazz chords played through a fuzzy amp, the band strives for and achieves a unique sound.

'We sound like Strength To Strength,' McGinty said.

'Some of it's pretty funky I suppose. I like getting compared to Primus though because he's one of my favourite bass players.'

Mahoric and McGinty, both 19, have played together since they were junior high school students, linking up with Waugh, also 19, for a band competition while students at St Francis Xavier's high school.

The band will use its $5500 cash prize money to buy a new bass amplifier and drum kit.

The rest of the money will be spent on recording a CD at IGLOO RECORDING STUDIOS (which has already chipped in $1000) for manufacturing and distribution through ACDC, SOUTHLAND MUSIC and AUSTRALIAN MUSIC INTERNET SERVICES (which have contributed $2500 collectively).

Other prizes include a $500 promotional package of photography, design and printing of 200 bio cards through SIMONE DE PEAK, CURZON CREATIVE SERVICES and NEWCASTLE CITY PRINTERS. There will eventually be a $500 CD launch package through SJ's Hotel for Strength To Strength.

Other grand finalists received an $850 package, including $250 cash and a discount on CD manufacturing.

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