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Gem's Friday Release

Gem's Friday Release

Who: Cabin Fever
Where: Croation Wickham Sports Club
When: Friday August 27, 1999

ONE of the rawest, rough-hewn gems to be mined from the Newcastle underground music scene this year would have to be CABIN FEVER'S debut CD WEEDS AND ROCKS. The disc, to be released this Friday night at the Croatian Wickham Sports Club, sounds best when played loud, where the lead guitar of GEOFF MULLARD and his frantic mates in the engine room, can be heard dripping with emotion.

Recorded on the smell of an oily rag at Islington's ARC UP STUDIOS the CD captures 30 terrifying minutes of a band with a mission, in full flight over 10 songs.

The stand-out track is CRUISEY, a seven-minute epic of a song reminiscent of the shimmering wall-of-guitar sound created by the UK's SWERVEDRIVER. Track four DRY YOUR EYES, also due out on the BOTTLETOP compilation CD SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHERRIFF, has the most popular appeal with spacious arrangements, and equal amounts of fuzz-grind rhythms and clean, loud, ringing guitars.

Most of the other tracks clock in around the two- and three-minute mark, are of the punk-flavoured pop variety, and will have you bouncing off the walls at first listen and at the appropriate volume.

Fans at Friday's gig should be doing just that, thanks to the Albert St, Wickham club's sprung dance floors!

Other acts on the night will include the fabulous Central Coast lads MAGRET, Lismore-via-Sydney band the BUSH PUNK COWBOYS and the eminently bankable ICE.O.MATIC, who also have a track coming out on the Bottletop compilation very soon.

Tickets are $2 - you won't get better value than that anywhere in the next 12 months, and if you're not there this Friday, you're off TE's Christmas card list!


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