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Band gives Animal Free Rein

Band gives Animal Free Rein

Who: Jebediah, Garageland, Sugar Child
Where: University - Bar on the Hill
When: Thursday August 19, 1999

THE latest track ANIMAL from Perth band JEBEDIAH is a taste from the band's forthcoming album OF SOMEDAY SHAMBLES, a follow-up to the almost double platinum SLIGHTLY ODWAY. Playing at the University of Newcastle tomorrow night with New Zealand's GARAGELAND and SUGAR CHILD, Jebediah has produced the album with MARK TROMBINO who has worked with KNAPSACK, BLINK 182 and JIMMY EAT WORLD. The song sounds like a runaway steam train with its 'rolling chugga chugga sound', according to bass player VANESSA THORNTON. Singer KEVIN MITCHELL says the song sums up two years of touring and recording.

The band chose Trombino 'because he'd done the last two records by Knapsack' and thought the new songs were heading in a similar direction.

The Animal single includes B-sides SUPPOSED TO SAY and THE LESS TRUSTED PAIN REMOVER.

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