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Modernists Keep up to Date With Music

Modernists Keep up to Date With Music

Who: The Modernists
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Friday August 20, 1999

SEVEN-PIECE funk and soul group THE MODERNISTS will knock your socks off this Friday night at the Northern Star Hotel.

With a love of the music of '1970s blaxploitation films and other modes of soul and funk', the music may not be new, but at least you'll be hearing it through educated ears.

The group recently performed in the grand finals of the UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY and UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY band competitions.

Fuelled by a belief 'that modern music was fundamentally temporal, disposable and highly recyclable', The Modernists do not shy from admitting that its music is 'a pastiche of pop catch phrases'.

The Sydney-based Modernists 'adopt alternative sets of cliches from disparate musical eras and combine them'.

'This emerges from the furnace as music paradoxically familiar but fresh at the same time,' the group's MANIFESTO says.

'This is the same process diverse musical genres undergo as their popularity surges every 15 years or so'.

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