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Brendan Follows his Solo Dream

Brendan Follows his Solo Dream

Who: Brendan Murphy
Where: Crazy Cow Café
Author: Sara Quigley
When: Friday August 13, 1999

BREAKING up is hard to do but BRENDAN MURPHY of THE DREAMCATCHERS is not wasting any time moving on.

Murphy's solo act, BRENDAN, once took second place to his popular sister MEAGHAN. The announcement that Dreamcatchers were to split gave Brendan the opportunity to go it alone. This week Brendan will perform at the Crazy Cow Cafe on Friday and at the Lake Macquarie Tavern on Saturday. He will play at the Grand Hotel on Saturday, August 28.

Meaghan is fronting MOTHERFUNK who will perform in the front bar at SJ's Hotel on Friday night.

Like the Dreamcatchers, Murphy will be performing 'a lot of radio favourites'.

'Brendan is not like the Dreamcatchers in an acoustic sense though,' he says.

Sequenced backing gives his sound a fun, dance vibe. He combines this sound with a diverse repertoire of popular covers from the 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s. TE

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