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Welcome Release

Welcome Release

Who: Rebecca's Empire

REBECCA BARNARD from REBECCA'S EMPIRE has just seen the video for her latest single BIG SMOKE and says she's 'in shock'.

Speaking from her inner city home studio in Melbourne, Barnard is speaking about the single from the June release WELCOME. 'It looks incredible, it's certainly the most professional video Rebecca's Empire's ever done,' she says.

Barnard sings two versions of the song on the single, one of which is stripped back to acoustics guitar and slowed down.

The other song on the album is a JIMI HENDRIX cover of 51ST ANNIVERSARY with vocal credits to LADYBIRD JOHNSON. As well as soaring guitars and fuzzy, splashed-about drums, the song features Barnard's singing disguised by enhancements of a wammy guitar effects pedal.

'It is me and we do it live,' she said. 'A lot of the time we've done it live, and you literally see people's jaws drop.

'They can't believe that that sound's coming out of my moosh . . ..'

Like the band's debut WAY OF ALL THINGS the album was recorded in the backyard of Barnard's house, which she shares with guitarist husband SHANE O'MARA. The child Barnard carried while recording WAY OF ALL THINGS, young HARRY O'MARA, is now three years old and was present during the latest recording.

Rebecca's Empire, which has been touring with BILLY BRAGG, will play Newcastle in June.

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