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Pitney to Perform

Pitney to Perform

Who: Gene Pitney
Where: Newcastle Panthers
When: Tuesday May 18, 1999

THE singer who made THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE the greatest of them all, 1960s pop icon GENE PITNEY, will perform at Newcastle Workers Club next month.

Pitney will perform hits from his 30-year career at the club on Tuesday, May 18, including the other HAL DAVID and BURT BACHARACH songs ONLY LOVE CAN BREAK A HEART and 24 HOURS FROM TULSA. Best known for performing other people's songs, or having his own songs performed by others, Pitney's first hit HELLO MARY LOU was a RICK NELSON hit in 1961.

He also wrote HE'S A REBEL for THE CRYSTALS which was when he befriended super producer PHIL SPECTOR. The first song he wrote and performed to hit the charts was (I WANNA) LOVE MY LIFE AWAY which went US Number 39 in 1961. TE

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