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Little Sister Blossoms

Little Sister Blossoms

Who: Shanley Del
Where: Belmont 16ft Sailing Club
When: Friday October 23, 1998

THE younger sister of JENNY MORRIS, country diva SHANLEY DEL, sUpporting LEE KERNAGHAN at the Belmont 16 Footers on Friday, October 23, believes she has stepped out from beneath the shadow of her famous sister.

Co-writing two songs from her long-awaited second album, MY OWN SWEET TIME, with STACEY EARLE the sister of country rocker STEVE EARLE, Del says the experience with Earle was one of close connection on songs KEEP ME ROCKING and FREEWAY HOME. 'She just stomped away on this really percussive guitar. I loved it,' Del said.

'There was connection between us, an empathy, maybe because we both know what it is like to be in the shadow of a sibling.'

The album was released last year as a follow-up to the 1995 album WHAT'S A HEARTACHE FOR. 'A second album is very important for any career,' she said.

'It has to do well and to do that it needs to appeal to as many people as possible. I wanted it to cover a lot of styles, to reach listeners on different levels.'

With plaintive, aching ballads, hard rocking show stoppers, country pop, explorative country songs and some standards, the album is one Del believes has purpose and vision.

'I've been looking for the right producer for a long time and I happened to find one who lives in Nashville, though he's not from Nashville.'

Producer RICK BERESFORD and Del had an uncanny similarity in style of songs and from a list of potential tunes picked virtually all of the same songs.

Del then hand-picked a band of musicians from cult underground country group DEAD RECKONERS as well as DWIGHT YOAKIM and LUCINDA WILLIAMS guitarist DUANE JARVIS. TE

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