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Put Some Spice in Your Nightlife

Put Some Spice in Your Nightlife

Who: Spice Power
Where: Club Phoenix
When: Sunday October 4, 1998

WHEN more than 600 hopefuls auditioned for SPICE POWER, THE TRIBUTE SHOW,producers were looking for more than five singing and dancing look-a-likes.

They wanted five women oozing GIRL POWER.Producers obviously got what they wanted if the show's success is anything to go on.

Despite an abundance of tribute shows in Australia, SPICE POWERhas found a niche with the under-18s market with sell-out shows and bookings well into 1999.

This slick reproduction of the real thing is capturing the imagination of its target market, providing fans with all the glitz and glamour of the British pop sensation in accessible venues.

Behind the scenes, top make-up artists, costumers, choreographers and stage crews using state-of-the art sound and lighting equipment to put the polish on Spice Power.

Producer MARY-JO COOPER said the show's success was due to the 'live' singing and dancing recreation of a SPICE GIRLS concert.

'With every song released by the five British pop divas rocketing to number one worldwide, we believed that a concept show produced in a highly professional manner would capture the hearts and imagination of the youth of Australia,' Cooper said.

'After auditioning more than 600 hopefuls, we believed we had found our perfect girls.'

The reaction of audiences is similar to that of a real Spice Girls concert.

LEIGH SHORTEN aka POSH SPICEsaid when they walked on stage, the audience members grappled to touch the five girls.

'I guess we're the closest thing that most of these children will get to seeing the Spice Girls . . . and they enjoy every minute of it.'

DEBBIE LEIGHN who plays SPORTY SPICE said performing to a younger crowd had its own rewards.

'They know every word to every song, and we find they sing along and mimic the dance steps with us,' Leighn said.

BABY SPICE SARAH HARLOWE said the girls took time to meet their audience after every show.

'They tell us things about the Spice Girls that we didn't even know,' Harlowe said.

A bonus for young fans is VANESSA GODDARD or GINGER SPICE, who has been consoling fans upset by the real redhead's departure.

'The kids are concerned because they love the Spice Girls as five, not four, and I just let them know that as long as they keep coming to our shows, I'm here to stay,' Goddard said.

SPICE POWER, THE TRIBUTE SHOW is at CLUB PHOENIX on OCTOBER 4. Tickets to the under-18s show are $9.

CLUB PHOENIX have five double passes to giveaway to the SPICE POWER - THE TRIBUTE SHOW on October 4.

To be in the running for a pass to the under-18s show, send your entry to SPICE POWER GIVEAWAY, PO Box 200, Newcastle, 2300.TE

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