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A Little Fun, Dahhhliiinng

A Little Fun, Dahhhliiinng

Who: Jeannie Little
Where: Club Phoenix
When: Wednesday October 28, 1998

JEANNE LITTLE is a full-frontal assault on the senses with her piercing voice, loud antics and eccentric GLAD BAG outfits.

Now the day-time TV diva with the 'Hello dahhhlliinngg' catchcry is bringing her abrasive persona to Newcastle for an assault on our sense of humour.

MORE OF A LITTLE is the flamboyant comedian's latest on-stage offering that has already won praise for honing the style of comedy she pioneered.

Based not on glib stand-up but honest self-presentation, Little's humour gave heart to millions of television viewers and anticipated the work of many contemporary women comedians.

Complete with exotic costumes and dangerously long eyelashes, Little's down-to-earth warmth and spontaneity shine through in this personal testament.

Little entertains audiences with a collection of humorous anecdotes from her life together with songs, and hilarious, heart-warming stories topped off with loads of glamour.

Her colourful monologue covers her early years at home with an indomitable Scottish mother, ne'er-do-well Swedish father and seven brothers and sisters.

Audiences learn of her start on the show business ladder with her role on the MIKE WALSH SHOW and in the notorious MRS SPARKLE commercial that made a star out of a 'nobody who couldn't sing, dance or act - even speak properly'.

Little explores all life's and her career's highlights and lowlights with that innate positivity and generous comedy that audiences have grown to love.


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