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Doll of a Night

Doll of a Night

Who: David Strassman
Where: Civic Theatre
When: Saturday October 10, 1998

NOT just a man with a dummy, American ventriloquist DAVID STRASSMAN and his cast of characters are coming to Newcastle in October to treat audiences to his special blend of adult entertainment.

Strassman, who has reportedly been peeving off celebrities left, right and centre in recent weeks, is bringing his entourage of dummies to Newcastle for a one-off performance on October 10.

Accompanying the ventriloquist will be characters such as CHUCK WOOD, who has been with David since he started 15 years ago, as well as TED.E.BEAR. The trio of Queensland Triceratops - HERBIE, KERBIE and BOB, - are joining the adorable alien, TERMINATOR, and precocious LITTLE RICKY to put in their 10 cents worth at the Civic Theatre.

Strassman has a world of characters that no longer rely on the ventriloquist's traditional role.

A combination of the high-tech nature of the dummies and his talent as a magician, comedian, actor and illusionist have made him an in-demand performer for late night television, sitcoms and caberet shows around the world.

Currently taping a new chat show he is fronting for CHANNEL 9, due for screening next year, Strassman's sharp wit has left him scouring the bottom of the barrel for guests, a Sydney tabloid reported.

Apparently his first few guests complained about their treatment on the show, including ex-footballer DERMOT BRERETON who took out his displeasure on a dummy.

KERRI ANN KENNERLY the karaoke queen spat the dummy because David made her sing a cappella.

Tickets are available from all Ticketek outlets.TE

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