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Hats Off to Album

Hats Off to Album

Who: Lee Kernaghan
Where: Belmont 16ft Sailing Club
Author: Gillian McNally
When: Friday October 23, 1998

THE BOY from the bush is coming back in town with what is predicted to be his biggest album to date.

Three years in the making, HAT TOWN is LEE KERNAGHAN'S fourth and most highly anticipated album so far.

With a strong collection of songs and a superb production, Kernaghan demonstrates he is ready to raise the standard again and continue to reign as Australia's hottest country music act.

'I wanted to make the best country record I knew how,' Kernaghan said.

'I have never put so much effort in my life as I have with Hat Town and a lot of love went into making the album.

'Everyone involved gave it everything they had without compromise.'

The strength and substance of the album is best seen in the lives of the people who are the inspiration for the songs, he explains.

'There's a legion of people out in the bush who in a lot of ways are unsung heroes.

'Come what may - flood, drought, you name it, there's a spirit that exists out there.

'They dig deep and carry on in the face of adversity and I hope this album does them justice.

'We didn't want to romanticise or glamorise life out there, we just wanted to tell it how it is.'

Hat Town displays a new level of maturity for 33-year-old Kernaghan as an artist and songwriter.

'I'm really excited about the diversity of musicians and co-writers on this recording.

'My producer GARTH PORTER wanted to make an album that added a new lyrical and musical dimension to what we've done before.'

The album is subsequently an example of lyrical honesty emotional honesty.

GOONDIWINDI MOON reinvents the bush ballad and is destined to be a hit.

Co-written by Kernaghan, Garth Porter and JAMES BLUNDELL, the song features the voice of US star TRISHA YEARWOOD on backing vocals.

Among the other standouts is BARE ESSENTIALS , a good natured laugh about a country boy who thinks he has it made with an old wreck of a car, a dog and a few mates.

Newcastle audiences will have the chance to judge the album themselves when Kernaghan performs at the Belmont 16ft Sailing Club on October 23.TE

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