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Hardcore Direction

Hardcore Direction

Who: Arm's Reach, Found my Direction
Where: Wesley Senior Citizens Hall
When: Wednesday October 7, 1998

ALL-AGES shows at the Wesley Hall, Beaumont St, Hamilton, tonight and tomorrow night will feature hardcore bands ARMS REACH and FOUND MY DIRECTION, whose new recordings are out.

FMD bass player JON WILLIAMS says the band expects to have a CD out by the end of the year as a follow-up to its seven-track, seven-inch single on RESIST RECORDS. Resist is owned by SCOTT MAC, singer from Sydney band TOE TO TOE, who has also released a seven-inch single by Frontside.

Williams, whose band plays 'straight-up hardcore punk', says Arm's Reach plays 'brutal-sounding hardcore'.

Arm's Reach has its own seven-inch vinyl single coming out through SHORT FUSE RECORDS available at gigs.

Williams said the band's preference for vinyl for its first recording came from an appreciation of the merits of vinyl, but the band was also looking forward to releasing a CD.

FMD and Arms Reach are well known around the all-ages hardcore punk scene which flourishes at the Newtown PCYC, Wollongong Youth Centre and Newcastle's own Black Box at the Community Arts Centre.

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