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Top Line in Thread

Top Line in Thread

Who: Thread
Where: Kent Hotel
When: Sunday November 1, 1998

SOME bands get around town shooting their mouths of about how hot they are, while others like THREAD, just put their heads down and play their butts off.

If you still haven't seen this awesome trio live, then this Saturday at the Blackbutt Hotel and Sunday at the Kent, is your chance to make amends.

Bass player MICK KING, also seen in HOUND, fronts Thread in the vocals department with guitarist TERRY CABAN. Caban and Thread drummer MICK WILLIAMS were once part of that legendary four-piece rock and blues band THE EMBERS. The year-old group plays rock music with a rhythm and blues flavour, as well as Texas blues and 1960s rock and roll.

Anything can happen down the front of a Thread gig, but King reckons things are just about to hot up.

'We haven't seen too many flashers of late, but it's silly season soon, so anything might happen,' he said.

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