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Radioactive is Hot

Radioactive is Hot

Who: Radioactive
Where: Toronto District Workers Club
When: Saturday October 31, 1998

AFTER only two months together Hunter duo RADIOACTIVE has amassed enough songs to satisfy any audience.

Playing for the first time this Saturday night at the Toronto Workers Club, Radioactive singer LEAH SMITH expects the duo to be playing to a younger crowd.

But being their first time, Smith and guitarist PETER PIHLAK will be well prepared.

'We do everything,' Smith said.

From 50/50 to new country and Top 40, Radioactive is ready to accommodate most musical tastes.

Some of the most recent Top 40 songs the band plays are BACHELOR GIRL'S BUSES AND TRAINS and TRISHA YEARWOOD'S HOW DO I LIVE. Radioactive can also be seen at Mayfield Ex-Services Club, Speers Point RSL Club and Hamilton North Bowling Club.TE

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