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Voice for Jazz Final

Voice for Jazz Final

Who: Fish Fry
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Saturday October 24, 1998

POW WOW keyboard player DARYL ABERHART could talk all day about some of the bands he's been in, but it took a friend and fellow band member to 'dob him in' about his latest achievement.

Next week Aberhart will be one of only 10 vocalists nationally to compete in the prestigious WANGARATTA JAZZ VOCAL competition.

Ten songs were selected from anonymous tapes. Among those selected to compete are RACHEL GAUDRY and LILLY DIOR. The tape which formed the basis of Aberhart's selection contained songs performed by the DARYL ABERHART TRIO. They are FOUR by MILES DAVIS, using words written for a Davis solo by JOHN HENDRICKS; a song BILLY'S BOUNCE by CHARLIE PARKER; and I THOUGHT OF YOU by RODGERS/HART. Aberhart leads his trio with fellow FISH FRY and POW WOW members, drummer NICK CECIRE and bassist/trombonist ANDY WALLACE. Pow Wow, playing this Saturday night at the Northern Star Hotel, performs 1970s to 1990s funk music with original tunes penned by guitarist IAN DUNN. But funk is only one of Aberhart's musical interests, which range through the jump'n'jive and jukebox songs from the 1930s and 1940s, in Fish Fry.

His latest outfit involves Aberhart and three friends in punk rock band NOB which will debut next month.

Aberhart describes himself as a 'jack of all trades and master of none' but completed an Associate Diploma of Jazz Studies at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 1993 as a vocalist.

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