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Chicaine Launches Lively Disc

Chicaine Launches Lively Disc

Who: Chicaine, Mother Popcorn, Villian
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
When: Wednesday December 2, 1998

CHICAINE have emerged from the recording studio holding a bright and snappy new disc, PROMODEMO, in their hands, ready to present to punters next Wednesday, December 2, at SJ's.

RUPERT, COL and DAN have taken delivery of the catchy, nine-track debut disc, which does the Indie rock trio trick very convincingly.

An advance copy of the disc landed on the TE desk last week, and it has not left our CD player since, with standout tracks so far SO NOT SAD and PLEASE with its BEATLES overtones.

The fourth track COMING DOWN wears the band's YOU AM I influences prominently on the sleeve.

All members of the group sing lead vocals and backing harmonies, which is a unique trick for a trio and adds variety in the live setting.

The group's CD launch will be supported by fellow Novocastrian pop songwriters MOTHER POPCORN and newcomers VILLAIN.

Chicaine will perform again on Saturday, December 12, at the Acoustic Cafe at The Star Hotel.

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