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Horne Falls Under Spell of Voodoo

Horne Falls Under Spell of Voodoo

What: Jimi Hendrix - The Wizards of OZ
Where: Newcastle Panthers
Author: Anthony Scully
When: Wednesday November 18, 1998

YOU might be wondering what rock star FIONA HORNE is doing hosting a celebration of the music of JIMI HENDRIX - THE WIZARDS OZ. After all her former band DEF FX was better known for its electronic music than guitar solos.

It's a thought that briefly crossed the mind of Horne, too, who as an author of WITCH - A PERSONAL JOURNEY, and a host of a TONIGHT LIVE show to appear next year on Channel 10, is no stranger to the limelight.

'I thought about it and said you don't think that it would seem a bit strange having this blonde chick up the front with all of these blue rock guitar icons?",' she said.

After casting her doubts aside Horne has settled into the role as the host of the show which next year will travel Australia wide, featuring performances of Hendrix songs by KEVIN BORICH, PHIL EMMANUEL, MAL EASTICK, PHIL MANNING and THE BADLOVES' JAK HOUSDEN. 'The main reason I've done this is because I am a Hendrix fan and have been ever since I was old enough to buy an album,' Horne said.

'And also the talent in the show, it's just awesome; to be able to see these guys play every night for a couple of weeks, I think it will be fun.'

Horne says Def Fx, the band she fronted for seven years, were 'very guitar oriented', combining keyboards, samplers and sequencers with guitar sounds from heavy metal.

It had been bands such as METALLICA and SLAYER that influenced DEF FX, groups which now cite Jimmy Hendrix as the original influence on their guitar playing.

Horne will be singing some 'surprise numbers' in the show, as will late surprise announcement, country diva GINA JEFFREYS, appearing with blues-loving guitarist husband ROD McCORMACK. 'My earliest influences in singing were always ROBERT PLANT (LED ZEP) and Hendrix,' Horne said.

'It was just that real gutteral kind of blues, a cathartic kind of release, that howl, and then that subtleness that blues rock can achieve.

'I feel very at home with this, I think this is going to be fantastic.'

Tonight's concert, at the Newcastle Workers Club, will include a masterclass with Eastick and Manning before the first half of the two-part tribute concert begins at 9pm.

There will also be an all-star jam, a signed Fender guitar giveaway and rare Hendrix footage on a three-metre-by-three-metre screen. TE

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