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Bananas Slip intoTown

Bananas Slip intoTown

Who: Bananas in Pyjamas
Where: Civic Theatre
When: Saturday June 27, 1998

WHEN BANANAS IN PYJAMAS director ADAM COOK was growing up, the most outlandish premise for children's entertainment was MR POTATO HEAD. According to the freelance director it is little wonder then that BANANAS IN PYJAMAS, to be staged this Saturday and Sunday at the Civic Theatre, has become a cult children's television show. 'The idea of talking fruit,' Cook laughs.

'All we knew from being younger is Mr Potato Head! I mean that's as clever as it got then.'

He promised the 50-minute stage mini-musical would be true to the characters of the television series, but with all new songs and stories.

Cook, who was responsible for the last Bananas stage show, said the action this time around would be 'short, sudden and surprising', a formula which was most successful with children.

Starring B1 and B2, and their three teddy bear friends, AMY, MORGAN and LULU, as well as THE RAT IN A HAT, writers have devised a story line which will be easy for children to identify with.

'The Rat has organised a concert which is going to be a really big, public concert for children,' Cook said.

'But the problem, as is for usual with the rat, is that he's forgotten one essential ingredient, and in this case he's forgotten to book any acts.'

In the opening number all the characters are seen singing about all of the amazing things they have been told they are going to see.

When the rat finally goes public with his mistake, the bananas and the teddys decide to make up their own show.

'The whole thing has that whole air of being improvised, but it still has a fast and exciting pace to it,' Cook said.

Based on the mentality of three to five year old children, the characters are creative and imaginative, with a practical, helpful approach to each other.' TE is giving away a BANANAS PACK. The pack contains a CD, a video, a talking book, an audio tape and more.

To enter the competition, visit the backstage area of the website, or send your entry to BANANAS PACK GIVEAWAY, PO Box 200, Newcastle, 2300.TE

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