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Eagles Test

Eagles Test

Who: The Testeagles
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
When: Wednesday July 29, 1998

CD ADELAIDE rock band TEST EAGLES have taken a slightly more electronic tack with their follow-up CD to BEE STING with a new five-track CD FRIENDS. Playing tonight for THE HOTHOUSE at SJ's On Beaumont, Test Eagles have incorporated samplers into their live and studio mix to beef up the sound.

The result has paid dividends with FRIENDS being added to the elusive 'high rotation' list at TRIPLE J this week.

While BEE STING sounds a little like early PIXIES guitarist MATTHEW MAT also likes the comparison to HELMET and RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. Test Eagles and label mates HONEYFIX are the first bands from their home city's new KRELL RECORDS label to visit Newcastle in as many weeks.

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