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Like a Diamond

Like a Diamond

What: The Neil Diamond Show
Where: Fanny's
When: Sunday August 2, 1998

EVEN before Newcastle rock band LITTLE HORNET had released its second CD, TURN ON 2, people told singer TYRONE PENSHORN he sounded like NEIL DIAMOND. The original album features a cover version, Diamond's CRUNCHY GRANOLA, which bears an uncanny similarity to the original.

This Sunday at Fanny's, a HOT AUGUST NIGHT no less, Penshorn has acted on the compliments and, never one to do things by halves, has assembled a 12-piece group to back him.

In THE NEIL DIAMOND SHOW Penshorn and friends from 1-800, FAT DOG and THE VEES, as well as the four-piece THE COMMITMENTS BIG BAND horn section.

The group will hold a full 1-hour dress rehearsal for the show they hope to sell to large clubs in Sydney.

Covers will include SOLITARY MAN, GIRL YOU'LL BE A WOMAN SOON, DESIREE, I AM I SAID, SWEET CAROLINE, FOREVER IN BLUE JEANS and KENTUCKY WOMAN. Fannys will be open especially for the event from 7pm and the show will kick off at 7.30pm and be viewed by Sydney booking agents.

The similarity of Penshorn's voice to Diamond's is astonishing - if you can still obtain a copy of the CD it is worth a listen.

Tickets are $5. TE

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