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Kiss with Emotion

Kiss with Emotion

Who: Bluebottle Kiss
Where: CBD
When: Saturday July 18, 1998

LISTEN to Sydney rock band BLUEBOTTLE KISS and you begin thinking about United States 'indie' rock bands such as DINOSAUR JR, AFGHAN WIGS and even PAVEMENT. Like those groups, Bluebottle Kiss, playing this Saturday night at The Casbah, has that kind of insistent edge and energy that persists from the beginning of a song until the very end.

Bluebottle Kiss also has the delightful tendency to ramble through its songs, dwelling in dark places along the way, and is often given to emitting flaming bursts of heat and colour for the purpose of punctuation.

Lead singer and guitarist JAMIE HUTCHINGS explains an emotional attachment to his songs, like IMMUNE TO LOVE from last year's SOMNAMBULIST HOMESICK BLUES CD.

'I kind of get really emotional when I play that song live,' he said.

When listened to through headphones it is the kind of song which can make you feel physically sick, as it lulls you into a false sense of warmth and security before sending a cold shiver down the spine.

The song dissolves into a shimmering piece of feedback, hanging on one chord for more than three minutes.

'It's the sort of chord you can play over and over again,' Hutching said.

'When you have an opportunity to use that kind of repetition, and put yourself into that kind of mantric state, we kind of go with it pretty naturally.'

The songs of Bluebottle Kiss sting with an emotion that lasts much longer than any lyric.

'(Lyrics) are never that confessional, like they're some sort of diary entry,' Hutchings said.

'They're pretty much soaked in all sorts of things. With music you can mix everything around a fair bit and it can make sense even if it doesn't make sense.'

The CD was the last released through major label MURMUR. TE

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