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Tractor's New Bite

Tractor's New Bite

Who: Tractor

TRACTOR has refuelled and retooled for a second bite of the rock market.

The man behind the wheel is singer/guitarist KEN JEWEL who has recruited the labour of drummer ROB CARSTEIN, bass player LEIF TISDELL and guitarist DARREN SEARLES. Next Wednesday night, December 15, Tractor will plough through the mound of material which it hopes to shape into a new catalogue of songs for delivery to a record label.

The group will support TRIPLE J Unearthed winners MUZZY PEP and Canberra's MIGHT FEW. It's been about 18 months since TRACTOR has played a gig, with Jewel the only remaining member of the band which secured an international publishing deal with Warner Chappel in 1997.

Jewel says the new material has been given 'the green light' by the publishing company for a release.

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