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New Breed at Phoenix

New Breed at Phoenix

Who: Darren Coggan, Beccy Cole
Where: Club Phoenix
When: Sunday December 13, 1998

TWO of Australia's newest breed of spruced-up country music stars will perform on Sunday at Club Phoenix.

'The pride of Wagga Wagga', carrot-topped DARREN COGGAN, who scored five nominations at this year's Tamworth Country Music Festival, will be there.

At 23, Coggan is the pride of his home town, particularly since his debut album is called HOMETOWN, supported by the muscle of ABC RECORDS marketing and distribution.

ABC Records became interested in him after his appearance in Tamworth in 1997, where he was nominated for two Golden Guitar awards.

Coggan has spent considerable time on the road with the DEAD RINGER BAND. South Australian BECCY COLE, will join Coggan at Sunday's concert.

Cole who has been a Sydneysider since winning the STARMAKER AWARD at the Tamworth Country Music Festival in 1993. TE

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