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Hard to Point Finger

Hard to Point Finger

Who: Powderfinger
Where: Newcastle Panthers
When: Thursday December 2, 1999

TONIGHT'S POWDERFINGER show at the Newcastle Workers Club will be the group's first in Newcastle since launching THE INTERNATIONALIST. Guitarist DARREN MIDDLETON explained that although the lyrics are highly charged with the band's political views other songs are ambiguous.

One such song, PRIVATE MAN, written by lead singer BERNARD FANNING, contains a reference to the late MICHAEL HUTCHENCE. A section of the song says: 'He's staring at an old door frame, looking for a drastic change, it's such as shame this has to end, but things are out of his command.'

'I think it was just that little part, not in an insulting way, I think it was just around the time that he died,' Middleton said.

'I know that was the point the Bernie wrote from.

'Lyrics are always for people's personal interpretation, people take them and make them their own in whatever little way they do, in whatever way.'

While he laughs when it is suggested that POWDERFINGER 'led the charge' of the current spate of Brisbane bands in enjoying air play on TRIPLE J, Middleton agrees the band was one of the first, along with CUSTARD to make a go of touring.

'The Brisbane scene was incredibly quiet about six years ago, record companies didn't look up here, no-one really gave a c... about Brisbane, and no-one was really travelling from Brisbane,' he said.

'We started driving around the country because we wanted to be a band to do things and then REGURGITATOR started doing it.

'There was always bands here but no-one was every getting recognised or doing anything.'

He said he believed the multi-platinum success of its DOUBLE ALLERGIC CD might have helped the scene with LAVISH and NOT FROM THERE.

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