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Muzzy Pep rRumbles for the Masses

Muzzy Pep rRumbles for the Masses

Who: Muzzy Pep
Where: Ducks Nuts Hotel
When: Thursday December 24, 1998

IN the official printed program for this month's inaugural GLENWORTH VALLEY FESTIVAL at Peats Ridge, the Hunter's MUZZY PEP is described as 'another golden nugget from the Triple J Unearthed series'.

'Muzzy Pep's tricky time changes and odd riffs get into your head and just won't go home,' it says.

'These guys will be looking to blow the joint, so spark up.'

The lads from Maitland - SCOTT BLACKLEY, STEPHEN BISSETT, SIMON MCCABE and ERROL MOYLE - are getting some serious exposure since winning the Newcastle Unearthed segment.

The band will be seen by tens of thousands at the GLENWORTH VALLEY FESTIVAL on December 28 and 29 and again at the Sydney BIG DAY OUT on January 23.

The group heads to SJ's Hotel on Wednesday, December 15, with a return appearance at The Family Hotel for Christmas Eve. TE

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