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A Rare Exception

A Rare Exception

Who: Endangered Species
Where: West Wallsend Workers Club
When: Saturday August 15, 1998

LIKE a lot of original bands around town ENDANGERED SPECIES is only sighted on rare occasions in places you normally have to persuade your friends to visit. Occasionally the punt pays off when the screechy, moaning types give the stage over to an act that does its own thing without the need for histrionics.

Playing this Saturday night at the Hunter On Hunter, Endangered Species is one of those rare exceptions. The guitar-based pop band has just recorded a tape called BLESSED which is an excellent debut effort. This nine-song, soon-to-be-released CD features low, rumbling bass, gorgeous atmospheric guitar sounds and thoughtful, melodic vocals.

If there's anyone out there with the money to take these guys in for some serious studio time they'd be on a winner. Endangered Species has READY FOR TRIPLE J CONSUMPTION stamped all over it. Saturday's gig kicks off at 10.30pm. The band will play a benefit on Saturday, August 15, at West Wallsend Workers Club. TE

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