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Original is Surely Best

Original is Surely Best

Who: Brook Thompson, Ground Zero
Where: SJ's on Beaumont
When: Wednesday August 12, 1998

ROCK music will warp your mind . . . that's what they used to say in the old days.

These days rock music is more likely to pound your mind into submission.

But Newcastle guitarist BROOK THOMPSON, hopes to change all of that with the launch of his debut CD WARPED. Thompson, who also plays in a Hunter covers band GROUND ZERO, will launch his debut solo album next Wednesday, August 12, for THE HOT HOUSE at SJ's On Beaumont.

Instead of the usual three-and-a-half minutes of riffs with as much nutrition as a Big Mac, Thompson has cooked up nine original instrumental tracks and two songs with vocals. The result is a sonic journey which experiments with sounds, moods and textures, in the same vein as electric guitar masters STEVIE VAI or JOE SATRIANI. Rather than 'bashing out a few chords and calling it a song' Thompson says the intention of WARPED was to make a statement.

'I wanted to make a recording . . . to say that it is okay to play your instrument really well and to play music that is challenging,' he said. WARPED is best appreciated with a good set of headphones, in a comfortable reclining position, with the lights off or your eyes closed. 'FALLING DOWN, one of my favourite tracks on the CD, is my imagining life as a downward spiral and not being able to break away from dependence and addiction,' Thompson said.

'That's what I love about writing music, you can use your imagination to take you anywhere.' While recording WARPED Thompson wanted to pay his own tribute to all the great rock guitarists like JIMI HENDRIX, JIMMY PAGE and JEFF BECK. All musicians featured on WARPED are from Newcastle, and will perform at the CD launch next week. They include drummer DARREN BROLLO, bass player DAVID CHRISTENSEN, and vocalists TIM VOOLES and SHARLENE STRONG. TE

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